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Operations Manual

Created : 01/03/2018
by : Flight Operations
Email : pvp.virtual.airlines(at)protonmail.com

  • PVP | Portuguese Virtual Pilots is constituted as a virtual non-profit entity, whose purpose is the promotion and practice of Air Simulation.

  • PVP | Portuguese Virtual Pilots does not carry out any type of commercial activity or is related, of any kind, to any Airline in real life, so all its activity is referred, virtually, to the recreation of its flight operations within the IVAO,            VATSIM and POSCON, network.

  • PVP | Portuguese Virtual Pilots consists of 3 more virtual airlines, ie. JVA Virtual Airlines, FOX Cargo and Azores Virtual Airlines

  • Objective of the company

  • PVP Virtual Airlines Group wants to be a benchmark as a virtual airlines in flight simulation, providing the corresponding tools to its users.
  • Covering not only the Lisbon Hub also offers operational services in Porto, Faro, Madeira and Açores.
  • Pilots with personality making the route plans, comments, SID, STAR, other procedures, management of the flight envelope of the different aircraft of the company a reality.
  • Make our aerial simulation activity a constant learning and improvement by deepening aeronautics, sharing knowledge among members and learning from each other.
  • Registered users of PVP Virtual Airlines Group must follow, respect and comply with real aviation regulations such as IFR and VFR, and especially those of VATSIM, IVAO and POSCON.
  • Have a structure that allows an effectiveness and greater efficiency of maneuver with a Staff in which they make decisions; a director who sets guidelines, maintain flight operations (together with the members who are in charge of the different Hubs and a cordial reception and maintenance of the members. Always open to new ideas and cooperation from pilots.
  • Maintain the spirit of aviation, from the MD88, the philosophy of Boeing B747, B757, B767, B777, opposed to the European consortium Airbus with its serious A319-20-21, A330 and the jewel in the crown A350, without forgetting the wonders for regional flights with the ATR72.
  • Try to be up to date with aerial simulation software and hardware so that our recreation is as real as possible.
  • Rules



  • 1.- Applications will not be accepted for children under 16 years of age, and parental permission will be required for applications from 16 to 18 years of age.
  • 2.- An account in VATSIM, IVAO or POSCON with a minimum of 30 flight hours is required. All registration requests without a valid IVAO, VATSIM or POSCON ID's will be rejected.
  • 3.- PVP | Portuguese Virtual Pilots reserve the right of admission of some members
  • 4.- Not be a staff member of another airline.
  • 5.- The request for proof of falsity in the data will be denied.
  • 6.- Use the registration form for the application for admission in: PVP | Portuguese Virtual Pilots
  • 7.- Once the request is made, respond as soon as possible through a confirmation email, and if it is denied, they will explain the reasons.


  • 8.- If information is requested by the Member Management and this is not communicated by email to pvp.virtual.airlines(at)protonmail.com within 5-7 days the request will be canceled.
  • 9.- If a member is discharged for non-compliance, he will not be able to request his readmission in 1 month (his call will be maintained). If you reoffend, the readmission period will be 3 months (you will lose your call).
  • 10.- Once the confirmation of registration in the company has been received, you will have 15 days to make the first flight, in the case of not doing so, you will proceed to the immediate cancellation.



  • 1.- A minimum of 4 flights per month must be made.
         Otherwise, the user will be notified and the account will be temporarily suspended.
         If no response is received from the user within 30 days, the indefinite suspension will be carried out.
  • 2.- Perform online flights is not mandatory, however we recommend it.
  • 3.- Any flight in which an anomaly is detected and the cause is not notified will be denied.
  • 4.- Report flights through the virtual airline's ACARS system.
  • 5.- All members must use the company's calling PVP, JVA, FOX or RZO.
         For company route flights, the flight number assigned that route ex: PVP1279 will be used.
  • Ranks and Promotions

    These are our ranks.

    • 1 – NEW PILOT; up to 50 hours.
    • 2 – FIRST OFFICER CLASS E; from 51 to 100 hours.
    • 3 – CAPTAIN CLASS E; from 101 hours to 150 hours.
    • 4 – FIRST OFFICER CLASS D; from 151 hours to 200 hours.
    • 5 – CAPTAIN CLASS D; from 201 hours to 250 hours.
    • 6 – FIRST OFFICER CLASS C; from 251 hours to 300 hours.
    • 7 – CAPTAIN CLASS C; from 301 hours to 350 hours.
    • 8 – FIRST OFFICER CLASS B; from 351 hours to 400 hours.
    • 9 – CAPTAIN CLASS B; from 401 hours to 450 hours.
    • 10 – FIRST OFFICER CLASS A; from 451 hours to 500 hours.
    • 11 – CAPTAIN CLASS A; from 501 hours to 500 hours.
    • 12 – FIRST OFFICER ATP; from 501 hours to 600 hours.
    • 13 – CAPTAIN ATP; from 601 hours to 650 hours.
    • 14 – CHIEF PILOT; from 651 hours to 750 hours.
    • 15 – CAPTAIN INSTRUCTOR; from 751 hours.
    • 16 – SUPERVISOR; 15.000 hours and Pass a theoretical and practical exam and authorized by the Staff..
    • 17 – The validation of the hours already flown in any network, at the time of registration, will be validated with 75% which will be reviewed by the director of operations when accepting him as a pilot.
    • 18 – All new members in our airlines will have the rank of New Pilot, regardless of the hours that have been validated.

    Operations Department

  • 1- The pilots registered in our airlines can fly the routes of the other companies.
  • 2- Members are obliged to report their flights through the VMSACARS provided client, which can be found in the download section of their pilot profile.
  • 4- Pilots can book regular routes of our virtual airlines if available. Booking are valid for 1 hour.
  • 5- Members of our virtual airlines must make at least two flights per month, in case of not being able to comply for any personal reason, you can send an email to our address.
  • 6- Pilot will have to make his first flight within a period not exceeding 15 days of confirmation as an active member.
  • 7- The Tour of voluntary choice will be completed according to the indications of each one, being awarded the pilot with a badge of the event and can be seen at his profile.
  • 8- Pilots will have the reference of the director of operations for help and suggestions or problems with the route, being able to communicate with an email.

  • Operation of Acars

    Our Acars controls the most important parameters, i.e. those that have the greatest impact on the safety of the aircraft and the way the pilot acts to them.

    The score of acars is made in a regressive way, starting its count from 100%, if the acars detects irregularities made by the pilot, the amount of the penalty is deducted at 100%, and so on.

    PIREP's with a score lower than 75% will be automaticaly rejected.

    PAUSED will be allowed during 15 minutes ONLY. Pirep's will be rejected after that period.

    Pay attention to the flight plan !! Flight Time exceding 30 minutes of the booked flight will be rejected.

      Beacon lights on while engine(s) are running | 5 points

      Strobes ON in flight | 5 points

      Strobes ON (Taxiing) | 5 points

      Landing lights OFF over 10k |5 points

      Landing lights ON under 10k |5 points

      Landing lights ON while taxiing | 5 points

      Excess Taxi Speed | 5 points

      Excess G-Forces | 10 points

      Fuel Refilled | 50 pointss

      Overspeed | 10 points

      Excesss Bank (degrees) | 15 points

      Excesss Pitch (degrees) | 15 points

      Runway Overrun | 50 points

      Simulation Rate Increased | 50 points

      Slew Activated | 50 points

      Overspeed under 10k | 15 points

      Stabilized Approach | 10 points

      Stall Warning | 20 points

      Thrust reversers enabled in flight | 20 points

      Thrust reverser speed | 15 points

      Hard Landing | 25 points

    Our Fleet & Caracteristics

    AIRBUS A319-100

    AIRBUS A320-200


    AIRBUS A321


    AIRBUS A330-200

    AIRBUS A330-300

    AIRBUS A340-300

    AIRBUS A340-600

    AIRBUS A350-900

    AIRBUS A350-1000

    AIRBUS A380

    ATR 72-600

    BOEING 737 NG

    BOEING 737 MAX

    BOEING 747-400

    BOEING 747-400F

    BOEING 747-800F

    BOEING 757-200

    BOEING 767-300ER

    BOEING 777-200LR

    BOEING 777-300ER

    BOEING 777F

    BOEING 787-800

    BOEING 787-900

    DASH 200

    DASH 400

    ERJ 190LR

    ERJ 195AR

    MD11 Freighter


    In our academy we have at our pilots disposal QUIZZES and AVIATION COURSES that will be prized according to the following scale:

    75% / 79% = €1.500 Virtual Money and a Badge

    80% / 89% = €5.000 Virtual Money and a Badge

    90% / 99% = €7.500 Virtual Money and a Badge

    100% = €10.000 Virtual Money and a Badge

    For those who wish to participate, they must register at the Academy using the same access data as CREW ACCESS.


    This privacy policy establishes the terms in which PVP | Portuguese Virtual Pilots use and protect the information provided by their users..

    These companies are committed to the security of their users' data.

    When we ask you to fill in the fields of personal information with which you can be identified, we do so ensuring that it will only be used in accordance with the terms of this document.

    However, this privacy policy may be revised and updated over time, so we encourage and emphasize that you continually review this page to ensure that you agree with such changes..

    The information that is collected on our website may collect personal information such as:

    1º Name and surname

    2º Contact email address

    3º Country of residence


    5º Any other information you freely wish to provide in your description or biography

    1.- What is personal data and what data is processed ?

    Personal data is any information that identifies or allows to identify a natural person, such as name, surname, image, voice, postal address, email address, telephone number, official identity documents (NIF, DNI, Passport), etc. and / or that is related to a natural person, such as their actions, habits and behavior, the products or services they hire, etc.

    All personal data provided by the user through:

     ♦ 1º of the web, through online forms and / or sending emails.

     ♦ 2º promotions or events in which the user participates.

     ♦ 3º Those obtained in the events, promotions or campaigns organized, participated in and/or sponsored by PVP | Portuguese Virtual Pilots

    2.- Use of information collected

    Our website uses the information in order to provide the best possible service, particularly to maintain a record of users, orders if applicable, and improve our services.

    It is possible that emails are sent periodically through our site to offer you information that may provide you with some benefit, these emails will be sent to the address you provide and may be canceled at any time.

    PVP | Portuguese Virtual Pilots are highly committed to fulfilling the commitment to keep your information safe.

    We use the most advanced systems and constantly update them to ensure that there is no unauthorized access.

    Transfer of personal data to:

     ♦ 1º IVAO

     ♦ 2º VATSIM

     ♦ 3º POSCON

    Cookies Policy

    1.- What are Cookies ?

    A cookie refers to a file that is sent in order to request permission to be stored on your computer, by accepting this file is created and the cookie then serves to have information regarding web traffic.

    Another function that cookies have is that with them the web can recognize you individually and therefore provide you with the best personalized service of your website.

    2.- What cookies does this website use ?

    Our website uses this information only for statistical analysis and then the information is permanently deleted..

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    You can also change your computer settings to decline cookies.

    If they are declined you may not be able to use some of our services.

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    4.- Control of your personal information

    At any time you may restrict the collection or use of personal information that is provided to our website by requesting it in writing to pvp.virtual.airlines(at)protonmail.com

    This website may contain links to other sites that may be of interest to you.

    This company will not sell, lease or distribute personal information that is collected without your consent, unless required by a judge with a court order.

    PVP | Portuguese Virtual Pilots reserve the right to change the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time.


    We are always available to clarify any questions you may have.

    Contact us via our HelpDesk